Company Profile

Kao Yih Metal Co. Ltd, was established in 1971 in Taipei, Taiwan, as a manufacturer for lighter components using old style CAM turning machines.

In 2004, Kao Yih Metal expanded its business to the field of Archery with the majority of customers in the North America region. In our early years, we focused on businesses that fit within our vision, and were selective in terms of whom we worked with and the type of work we performed. We believe this steadfast commitment has paid off. With each successful CNC lathe project, our reputation grew, enabling us to gradually expand our customer base geographically from an industry standpoint.

In 2008, we made another step of progress by increasing our manufacturing capability not only on CNC lathes, but also on sheet metal stamping. The following year we started sheet metal grinding which enabled us to provide complete broadhead development for archery customers.

In 2013, Kao Yih Metal moved to a larger facility to expand capacity. With this expansion, we not only increased our manufacturing capacity but also our efficiency in dealing with our customers.

With over 30 years of lathe part production and over 10 years of experience in broadheads manufacturing, we have established a complete manufacturing production line, from material suppliers to post-process vendors that provide precision and high-quality products. Our manufacturing expertise in archery parts is not limited to high volume parts production only. We are also experienced in helping our customers design new product prototypes.

Overall, what we offer you is our extensive CNC lathe manufacturing experience, precision machining, and massive production capability with competitive pricing. In addition, we are dedicated to shortening the time required for any prototyping development and offer our customers low prototyping costs. We assure you that we are serious about our product quality control as we have a QC team dedicated to product and sample inspection.