All broadheads, regardless of type, must be properly chosen for the game being hunted and the equipment being used. Broadheads must be durable, but most of all, blade must be sharp. The experienced bow-hunter knows the difference and this is where he draws the line.

When we integrated sheet metal grinding with our metal stamping capabilities, we were able to keep the entire process in-house, providing complete broadhead development and production for our archery customers.

A razor-sharp blade will give you confidence for a successful hunt. To assure consistent, surgically-sharp blades on all of our broadheads, we use fully automated grinding sharpening machines.

Digitally controlled sharpening process allows us to produce high precision products that are sharpened to precise specifications, with identical consistency over large batches and multiple production runs.

With the expansion of our stamping and grinding facilities in 2013 and increased manufacturing capacity, we are able to efficiently meet the needs of our customers for high volume production runs.