Broadhead Core Technology

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    CNC Turning for Archery Broadhead Manufacturing

    Archery is about accuracy; hitting the dead center repetitively is the key! That is the approach we take at Kao Yih Metal (KY Metal).

    Due to the fine aerodynamic requirements of a broadhead, even a slight imperfection can affect the flight path of the arrow and affect accuracy. Therefore, sheet metal stamping with selective machinery and blade die development with precision are crucial for the blade manufacturing...

    All broadheads, regardless of type, must be properly chosen for the game being hunted and the equipment being used. Broadheads must be durable, but most of all, blade must be sharp...

    At KY Metal, we understand that time is money. This is why we offer value-added services including assembly and custom packaging to help our clients to reduce their time of re-packaging the broadhead and save further on packaging labor cost.